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Sweet sorghum syrup, a staple of High South cuisine, adds a nutty yet sweet layer of flavor to morning biscuits, cakes, glazes and, of course, these popcorn balls.

As the name suggests, leather britches – green beans that have been snapped, sown into a string using a needle and thread and hung to dry for a few months until they look like leather pants hanging from a clothesline – have a leathery texture and pull at the bite. 

Cornbread is integral to both Southern and High South cuisines, and Rowe says this is absolutely the best she’s had anywhere.

True to its name, vinegar pie, one type of desperation pie, uses apple cider vinegar instead of citrus fruit to add a touch of acid to each slice and balance out the sweetness of the rich custard filling.

Packed with antioxidants, elderberries make a bright, acidic juice – think pomegranate meets blackberry or blueberry – but regional farmers also harvest the berries for jams and syrups.