Fenrir Spirits

The distillery will focus on whiskey but also produce absinthe, moonshine and hop-infused gin.

Brandon Henderson hopes to bring a new distillery to St. Clair, Missouri.

His start-up distillery, Fenrir Spirits, plans to focus primarily on whiskey, including spirits made with both red and yellow corn. Yet Henderson aims to also produce a variety of specialty spirits including everything from rum and bourbon to absinthe, moonshine and hop-infused gin.

To get the distillery started, Henderson has launched a Kickstarter campaign with a fundraising goal of $40,000, which will help pay for Fenrir's 100-gallon still, plus the buildout of a tasting room, gift shop and a full-service bar. He hopes the money raised will allow him and his team to get their feet off the ground, and make out-of-the-box spirits. 

At 26 years old, Henderson is still pretty new to the industry. He recently completed a six-day distiller's course at Moonshine University, where he nailed down his passion for fine spirits as well as his willingness to learn more. 

"The distillation process to me is so fascinating," he says. "I'm excited for people to try it and to make people happy." 

The distillery is named for Fenrir, a god in Norse mythology, and its slogan is "Fenrir Spirits, Devour Fine Spirits."

Fenrir Spirits' Kickstarter campaign runs through May 15; you can click here to donate. 

Fenrir Spirits, St. Clair, Missouri, fenrirspirits.com

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