In the cozy neighborhood of Glendale, resident Mike Vitale brings a taste of his hometown, the Hill, to a 600-square-foot storefront mere blocks away from his current home. His carryout-only deli, Vitale's Deli, opened on Sept. 21, featuring sandwiches made to order with fresh-baked bread and Boar’s Head premium deli meat.

Inside the building, which formerly housed a beauty shop, Vitale himself mans the counter and helps out on the line six days a week. The colorful logo printed on his T-shirt says it all: “Proud to be a Vitale. American grown, Italian roots.”

“There aren’t a lot of Hill-style delis out this way, so we’re bringing The Hill to Glendale,” Vitale says. “It’s an old-school style deli with fresh cuts of meat and fresh bread. You order, pack it up and bring it home. All of our stuff is done daily here, and we really take pride in what we do.”

For nearly two decades, Vitale assisted with his family’s business, Vitale’s Bakery, baking up bread for its busy storefront as well as for numerous local accounts. Today, he uses the same bread, crafted by his mother and brothers, as the foundation for his own homegrown sandwich shop.

Each of Vitale’s nine sandwiches get served on five-inch white or wheat rolls, baked and delivered fresh daily. The wheat is a softer, nuttier bread, while the white features a crunchy crust topped with toasted sesame seeds paired with a fluffy crumb.

Try the rolls stacked with a variety of classic combinations. Almost every sandwich is named after one of Vitale’s family members. One of the more popular picks, “the Pete,” for instance, features ham, Bianco salami, roast beef, mozzarella, lettuce, onion, tomato, pickles and housemade Italian dressing. Each order comes with a small side of potato salad or macaroni salad.

Additional favorites include the “Glendale Club” with Black Forest turkey, havarti and a BLT salad, as well as “the Annie” with pepper turkey, mozzarella, lettuce, onion, tomato, pickles and Cajun-style mayonnaise. Hot Italian meatballs are also available  get them in “the Gracie” sandwich or in “the Sarah” as a salad.

In addition to all of the above, Vitale’s Deli also offers Vitale’s Bakery goods for sale while they last, including cinnamon bread, bread loaves and rolls, and half-pound boxes of Italian cookies. For more grab-and-go dessert, Vitale’s Deli also offers frozen treats from Gelato di Riso. Going forward, Vitale hopes to sell Boar’s Head meat as well as cheeses by the pound. For now, Vitale does well to carry on the family name, bringing a longstanding tradition of fresh-baked hospitality to Glendale.

Vitale's Deli is open Monday through Friday from 11am to 6pm and Saturday from 10:30am to 3pm, or until bread sells out.

Vitale's Deli, 425 N. Sappington, Glendale, Missouri, 314.966.9912,