The Skullery, the newest addition to BEAST Butcher & Block in The Grove, is firing up its collaboration dinner series this Fri., Oct. 4. Byrd & Barrel's Bob Brazell will team up with BEAST executive chef Ryan McDonald. 

The Skullery is a 36-seat dining space that BEAST refers to as St. Louis' first "fire-to-table" restaurant. Owner and pitmaster David Sandusky says the idea for The Skullery was born when he kept writing new menus for the original BEAST Craft BBQ Co. in Belleville, and his wife, Meggan, stopped him. She told him to keep the focus on barbecue at BEAST Craft and instead drew out the concept for The Skullery, a more versatile space.

"She's the one behind the scenes who doesn't get enough kudos but really is the driving force behind everything," Sandusky says.

At The Skullery, guests come face-to-face with the fire and not only get a meal, but also a show that makes them feel more connected to the food. "Everything is done right in front of them," Sandusky says.

Friday's dinner with McDonald and Brazell is the first in The Skullery's new collaboration series. Sandusky says guests should expect to be surprised, but the menu promises to incorporate flavors from modern Shanghai cuisine inspired by Brazell's recent trip to China. Ten percent of the proceeds will go to Home 2 Home Canine Orphanage, and tickets are available on Tock. The next chef in the series will be Loryn Nalic of Balkan Treat Box.

Also available at The Skullery are interactive live-fire tasting menus, which Sandusky says will include five to seven courses that are more casual and relaxed than your typical tasting menu. Tickets are also available on Tock. For groups who wish to book the entire room, a carving menu is also available.

If you're looking for something at a lower price point, The Skullery is also now hosting a Sunday brunch that meat-lovers will need to put on their bucket list. Omelettes are cooked over hot coals, which Sandusky says gives the eggs a subtle smoky finish. A nose-to-tail carving section offers selections from several parts of a pig, including jowels that are cut right in front of guests. The buffet section also features biscuits, waffles, housemade sausage and smoked bacon, just to name a few. 

"Brunch is the shit," Sandusky says. 

While The Skullery's brunch does take some walk-ins, Sandusky recommends making reservations ahead of time. 

Tickets for the live-fire collaboration dinner are $100 per person (or $135 for cocktail pairings) and are available at

BEAST Butcher & Block, 4156 Manchester Ave., The Grove, St. Louis, Missouri, 314.944.6003,

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