Coffee-lovers, take note: There’s a new roaster in town. Coma Coffee debuted its first cafe in Richmond Heights on Aug. 1, featuring single-origin, third-wave style coffee and a variety of pastries. The concept gets its name from the first two letters of co-owners Corbin and Macy Holtzman’s names.

The siblings decided to start their first business in the world of hospitality when the 1,800-square-foot space on the bottom floor of University Tower became vacant in December 2015. Their family owns and operates St. Louis Commercial Real Estate, which has been in charge of the building’s leasing and construction for more than five years.

To craft their signature cups of caffeine, the Holtzmans enlisted the talents of Chad Denney. Denney brings experience from VB Chocolate Bar and Kaldi’s Coffee to the table, serving as Coma’s general manager and roastmaster.

“We’re just bringing really high-quality coffee to St. Louis,” Macy says. “We want people who aren’t coffee drinkers to explore the origin of coffee and where it comes from.”

To that end, Coma currently utilizes beans from El Salvador, Ethiopia and Colombia, available prepared with a few different brew methods that rotate every few weeks: cold brew, espresso and drip coffee. Depending on the combination of those factors, customers can find subtle flavors in each cup, from sweeter, floral sips to full-bodied notes of chocolate and caramel.

“We’re roasting the coffees to show the differences in the flavor profile of these origins,” Denney says. “If you roast coffees on the lighter spectrum, those nuances open up. And so that’s what we seek to highlight so we can really figure out what types of coffee people like.”

Patrons will find traditional options available including macchiatos, cappuccinos and cortados crafted with care on a Synesso espresso machine. Americanos, lattes and chai are also available. For a shot of flavor, try a housemade syrup: vanilla, chocolate, caramel and a seasonal option such as raspberry.

Signature drinks include the COMA, or vanilla ice cream with a shot of espresso. Another unique offering, the LYFE, features pomegranate juice with a shot of espresso, served over ice. The Eugene, named after the University Tower’s head of maintenance of more than 20 years, features a fun option for non-coffee drinkers: hot chocolate with ice cream.

For a snack to coincide your java jolt, choose from a selection of Pharaoh’s Donuts or in-house baked goods such as gluten-free gooey butter cake, gluten-free red-velvet brownies and Cheddar-jalapeño scones.

While the design for Coma’s debut storefront is decidedly more contemporary and clean-cut to suit the property’s professional clientele, Holtzman says she hopes to explore different design possibilities for future locations. For now, guests can enjoy a cup of coffee in the modern space outfitted with walnut tables crafted by Lloyd Brothers, granite bar tops, floating ceilings, calacatta tiles and seats for around 30.

Coma currently roasts its beans at a facility in the Grove, which the Holtzmans hope to expand into a tasting room with educational and wholesale opportunities in the future.

Coma Coffee's current hours are Monday through Friday from 7am to 4pm and Saturday from 8am to 1pm.

Coma Coffee, 1034 South Brentwood, Richmond Heights, Missouri, 314.409.3665,

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