Nobleton's Distilling House Duckett Rum

Nobleton's Distilling House's Duckett Rum.

Missouri recently welcomed a new rum distillery and next month, you can get a taste.

Nobleton's Distilling House, which opened in Beaufort, Missouri, last year, is hosting a daiquiri night on Thu., May 9 at The Gin Room in St. Louis.

Nobleton's describes itself as a "cane-to-glass" distillery. Co-owner Demetrius Cain explains that Nobleton's rum, including its signature Duckett Rum, is made with 100 percent sugarcane juice and travels from the field to the bottle with minimal processing.

"The whole reason we make it the way we do is because we wanted to create a new type of St. Louis-style rum," Cain says. "We used to be a French colony before the Louisiana Purchase, and French territories prominently made sugarcane juice rum. We said, 'Let's create that.'" 

Typically made with molasses, rum made from sugarcane juice is lighter and more earthy. Nobleton's Duckett Rum doesn't contain any extra flavorings or additives; instead, it's made with just three ingredients: sugarcane juice, water and yeast. 

"When you drink the rum, there are no additives and we don't filter anything out," Cain says. "The taste of our rum is very unique. We want to be a business that has 100 percent transparency." 

In addition to the event at The Gin Room in early May, Nobleton's plans to host more events around St. Louis bars to not only showcase its unique rum, but to also get the word out about the grassroots business. 

"We want to create an honest spirit that hopefully St. Louis loves," Cain says.

Daiquiri Night with Nobleton's Distilling will be held at The Gin Room on Thu., May 9 from 6:30 to 9:30pm.

Nobleton's Distilling House, Beaufort, Missouri,