Griesedieck Brothers Brewery

A historic beer is returning to St. Louis next year.

In mid-2017, Griesedieck Brothers Brewery plans to open a microbrewery at 1240 Switzer Ave. in St. Louis' Baden neighborhood. The brewery, which traces its roots back to Germany in the 1700s, was founded in St. Louis in 1911 before merging with Falstaff in 1957. Eighth-generation brewer Raymond A. Griesedieck – whose father, Henry, was the last president of the original brewery – revived the brand locally in 2002.

Up until now, Griesedieck has contract brewed its beers out of a facility in Wisconsin and distributed them locally at grocery stores, liquor stores and a growing number of bars and restaurants. Manager (and Raymond's son) Bob Griesedieck tells Feast that the new north St. Louis brewery, which features a 15-barrel brewhouse, will allow the brewery to ramp up production significantly so that Griesedieck beers are even easier to find locally.

"We've always wanted to brew here," Bob says. "Dad has always been on the lookout for brewing here and making sure that there's the right equipment and the right kind of building to have our dream pilot facility. Everything just fell in line of having this building and getting the equipment."

Bob says the family felt that the Baden neighborhood in particular made a good fit for the historic brewery.

"Before it came to be a part of the city, it was an old Irish and German neighborhood, and that's a lot of our original roots," Bob says. "And on the north side of St. Louis – if you drive up and down Kingshighway, you can tell that there were a lot of people living here back in the day, and there's just a lot of pride that was taken into the homes and the architecture. The last brewery that operated in North St. Louis was before Falstaff merged into our old brewery, so we thought it was time that the north side deserved its own brewery again."

Bob says the family plans to open a tasting room in the space, but initially, the brewery will primarily focus on production and manufacturing. Griesedieck's current lineup focuses on classic styles, including the Golden Pilsener, Unfiltered Bavarian-Style Wheat and English-style Mild Pale Ale.

"There are beers we haven't made for 60 years," Bob says. "Next year will be the 60th anniversary of my grandfather brewing the family lager beer in St. Louis. There are additional lagers that we have not brewed for about 100 years; they brewed a Porter, a Bock, a Dortmunder. There were a lot of beers that were made in St. Louis 100 years ago and just now, even in just the past five years, are becoming popular again. We plan to start brewing those again."

Griesedieck Brothers Brewery, 1240 Switzer Ave., Baden, St. Louis, Missouri,

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