Two acclaimed St. Louis chefs are coming together for a one-weekend-only collaboration. Nathaniel Reid of the eponymous Nathaniel Reid Bakery and Loryn Nalic of Balkan Treat Box are teaming up to bring two special items to their establishments this weekend.

Nalic and Reid became friends through their work, and have been frequent customers at each other’s stores. Reid even brought over pastries while Balkan Treat Box was working on their buildout. Nalic says that the idea of a collaboration between the two has been in the works for a few months.

“Honestly, these things are just fun for us as cooks,” she says.

Reid is known for his elegant French pastries while Nalic has earned a reputation for her rustic Balkan-inspired fare, and the two brainstormed ways to balance the two unique styles of cooking.

“I think what we made was a neat blend,” Reid says.

On Friday, you can find the pide croissant sandwich for $7.50 at Nathaniel Reid Bakery, which will showcase the flavors of Nalic’s famous pide. At Balkan Treat Box, the Turkish wood-fired flatbread is served with beef, cheese, herbs, kajmak (a spreadable condiment of cheese and cream) and ajvar (a smoky roasted red pepper spread). True to form, the pide croissant sandwich will feature all of these elements on one of Reid’s croissants.

Nalic says creating a sandwich with some of Balkan Treat Box’s flavors made a lot of sense, so the two experimented with what both looked and tasted nice.

On Saturday, Balkan Treat Box will be offering a baklava croissant for $4. The decadent pastry combines Reid’s almond croissant with Nalic’s baklava recipe, which includes salted mixed nuts and an orange and rose syrup.

“It just seemed like a great hybrid pastry,” Reid says.

Nalic says she even thinks they both high-fived when they came up for the idea of the specialty croissant.

Both items will only be available on their respective days until they sell out, so if you’re trying to get your hands on one, make sure you show up early. Both Nalic and Reid say that since the collaboration has been announced, people have already been asking how many customers are allowed to buy, if they can be reserved or how early they can show up to get them. However, both items will be available first come, first serve.

As a bonus, Reid will also be giving customers at Balkan Treat Box on Saturday a free macaron, whether or not they buy a baklava croissant. Nalic says Reid is just that generous, but Reid says that he thought it’d be something fun.

“I thought it’d be fun to just do a little nice thank you or giveaway to their community,” Reid says.

Balkan Treat Box, 8103 Big Bend Blvd., Webster Groves, Missouri, 314.733.5700,

Nathaniel Reid Bakery, 11243 Manchester Road, Kirkwood, Missouri, 314.858.1019,