Retreat Gastropub Cocktail

Retreat Gastropub and Yellowbelly are both known for their innovative cocktail programs.

Travis Howard and Tim Wiggins are at it again.

Less than a year after opening their buzzy rum bar, Yellowbelly, the owners of On Point Hospitality have announced their latest project. The duo, also behind Retreat Gastropub, plan to open The Hideout, an event space located next door to Yellowbelly.

Howard says they didn't want The Hideout to be a carbon copy of Yellowbelly, but you can expect to find some similarities between the two concepts. The 1,000-square-foot space, which can accommodate up to 55 guests, is inspired by the setting of a beachside campfire, featuring light wood tables, a rope ceiling installation and a striking dark charcoal gray bar. Guests will be able to customize the space through the use of full audio and video projections on the walls, which can be used to display everything from corporate slideshows to wall art. "Our goal is to make those projectors set the tone for any event, where you can totally change the feeling of the space based on what's projected on those walls," Howard says. "That's a way we hope to make any dinner or pop up feel unique and different."

Although The Hideout will primarily be rented out for private parties and corporate events, the team also hopes to use it as a space to host cooking classes and pop ups with other chefs and bartenders. "Ideally we’re going to be booking that most of the time, whether it’s a rehearsal dinner or a bridal shower and all those types of private dining events," Howard says. "On top of that, it gives us a space to do collaborative dinners with local chefs, and hopefully use [Yellowbelly consulting chef] Richard [Blais]’ connections to try to get some national names to come in and do some private dinners with us as well."

Similarly, Wiggins plans to host guest bartenders from other cities like Chicago for pop ups and bar takeovers. On a larger scale, he says he'd like to host week- or month-long pop ups, such as a Halloween-themed event, to bring in chefs and bartenders from across the city to collaborate. "We'd do things that can be a little more stylized and progressive because it's in such a small environment instead of having it cater to, you know, 90 seats," he says. "That's something I'm excited about: being able to host chef dinners and also cocktail collaborations and pop-up bars – maybe a mezcal bar, for instance – and being able to have that space be something that isn't really happening in St. Louis right now."

When the space isn't rented out, The Hideout will also function as a separate bar where diners can grab a drink while waiting for a table at Yellowbelly. The space has its own entrance, but it also connects directly to Yellowbelly. "It's kind of our waiting area, but instead of losing people to other restaurants while they're waiting an hour, they can stay with us, hang out and get a cocktail and some oysters," Wiggins says.

The bar program at The Hideout will still remain rum- and mezcal-forward, but Wiggins says the size of the space will allow for more flexibility as far as cocktail techniques and preparations go. "I have some plans to do à la minute frozen daiquiris with liquid nitrogen and some things that we could never do on a large scale at Yellowbelly," he says. "We'll use some lesser-known spirits and things that aren't your typical bar ingredients. It's not going to be a super expensive, exclusive room, but I do think the cocktails can be a little more intricate and advanced because of the size."

When the space is open to the public as an overflow bar, Howard says The Hideout will offer a limited food menu of snacks, but several different options will be on offer for private events. Food packages range from heavy small plates (think Yellowbelly's crab fitters, charred carrots and Oysters and Pearls), to a four-course seated dinner or a Hawaiian-style family meal.

Howard and Wiggins are still determining The Hideout's schedule, but say the bar will likely be open to the public Thursday through Saturday when it's not already booked for a private event.

The Hideout, 210 N. Euclid Ave., Central West End, St. Louis, Missouri,

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