Last November, Seedz Provisions debuted in the DeMun neighborhood just a couple doors downs from Seedz Cafe, which opened in 2013. The new counterpart to Seedz’s organic, plant-based café features vegan grab-and-go food, baked goods, plant-based beverages and ethically sourced gifts.

“We had a lot of requests for coffee and tea drinks, and we wanted to be able to offer all sorts of fun things and put our healthy, plant-based twist on them,” says Cara Schloss, who co-owns the Seedz brand with her partner, Monty Gralnick.

Schloss brings her experience in the café's kitchen to the forefront at Seedz Provisions with creative on-the-go offerings at the 500-square-foot storefront outfitted with upcycled barn wood. Vegan sushi, sandwiches, salads and wraps make it easy for visitors to pick up a quick, nutritious lunch, while a selection of dairy-free sweets offer a way to indulge mindfully.

Sushi rolls come stuffed with brown rice and fillings such as tempeh, mushrooms or “salmon” made with papaya. Other rotating options include raw pad Thai, salads and Mediterranean-style wraps. Desserts include items such as gluten-free street-style waffles, matzo toffee, muffins and donuts layered with delicate flavors including cashew cream, fresh berries and housemade vegan chocolate.

To pair with these wholesome eats, Seedz offers drinks such as chaga chai and other types of tea lattes. Oat, soy, almond and coconut milk are on hand to customize the beverages. Seedz also features small batch, wood-roasted coffee brewed with custom equipment, all from Pull Caffe. Choose from traditional Italian espresso styles.

“We’re the only ones carrying them in the Midwest, and we’re proud of that,” buyer Tova Chesnin says. “We also work with a lot of local craftspeople and makers of food products. We’re really open to working with small businesses all over the U.S. There’s just a movement happening of people doing their own thing and we really support that.”

Chesnin works to fill the sunny 500-square-foot storefront with goods that invoke the feel of Seedz’s own lifestyle-based trading post  what Schloss refers to as “a new bohemian general store.” Visitors will find everything from vegan cookbooks, candles and locally made artisan foodstuffs to kitchen and beauty products. Highlights include items such as local Core + Rind’s cashew cheesy sauce.

“You can come in and sell your product if you have something amazing, or you can stop in and buy a quick gift for someone or yourself, grab a coffee and have some conversation,” Schloss says.

“We kind of look at it from a holistic perspective. If you want to live a healthy lifestyle, your physical environment should reflect your living practices,” Chesnin says. “It’s a way of life. It’s what you eat, what you read, what you put around you, what you wear and how you cook  just an entire approach to good living with a higher vibration.”

Seedz Provisions is currently open Tuesday through Sunday from 9am to 4pm.

Seedz Provisions, 6530 S. Rosebury, DeMun, Clayton, Missouri,