Sump Coffee Cold-Brew Coffee

Sump and 4 Hands are releasing a new line of cold-brew coffees.

Sump Coffee is launching a new line of cold-brew coffee in collaboration with 4 Hands Brewing Co.

Sump owner Scott Carey says the new line takes a winelike approach to coffee, with a focus on seasonal, single-origin coffees.

"[At Sump], the model we have is focusing on origin and roasting lighter to highlight the things that come out of particular origins or particular processing styles," he says. "We want to take that model and apply that to a cold beverage. We've been doing seasonal, single-origin coffee for eight years, and to put that in a ready-to-serve beverage is quite liberating. It's a way of extending what we've been preaching for the past eight years."

Since the cold-brew line is seasonally driven, Carey says some releases could be extremely limited. He and 4 Hands owner Kevin Lemp also have plans for coffee-inspired canned cocktails (produced through 4 Hands sister brand, 1220 Spirits) as well as mocktails and nitro coffee.

On a larger scale, the pair hopes to open a standalone microbrewery and taproom specifically designed for cold-brew coffee.

"Instead of a café, where you see an espresso machine, it would look more like a taproom with bright tanks and a small canning line," Carey says. "We'd focus on a number of different origins and have them hooked up to taps, and then maybe fold in espresso. You could sit and have a bunch of different verticals, including nitrogenated cold-brew."

The first canned cold-brew coffee, from Huila, Colombia, will be available for sale at the St. Louis Earth Day Festival on Sat., April 27 and Sun., April 28. Carey says they're still working out the distribution details, but for now, you can find the cold-brew coffee for sale at both Sump Coffee and 4 Hands Brewing Co., as well as a few partner businesses.

Sump Coffee, 3700 S. Jefferson Ave., St. Louis, Missouri, 917.412.5670,

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