Just over a year after 4 Hands Brewing Co. announced plans to launch its own distillery, 1220 Artisan Spirits is expanding its portfolio in a big way.

1220's Spring 2019 portfolio is centered around botanicals, including a line of summer-inspired canned cocktails, a seasonal gin and vodka and two premium spirits. The latter includes an Italian-inspired apertif as well as a first for St. Louis: a locally produced amaro (a bitter Italian digestif).

The "Summer Shenanigans" line includes six specialty canned cocktails made with 1220 spirits, which will each be available for purchase in single 12-ounce cans as well as 4-packs. Flavors range from a classic Gin and Tonic to a take on cherry limeade, including:

  • Aviation: 1220’s version of the classic cocktail made with gin, lemon, maraschino liqueur and crème de violet
  • Lemonade and Lavender: A traditional lemonade made with French lavender flowers and vodka
  • Gin Boogie: A spin on cherry limeade made with 1220’s Origin Gin
  • Moscow Mule: 1220’s take on a classic vodka mule with a warming bit from the ginger and tartness from lime
  • Cucumber Hibiscus: A refreshing gin cocktail made with cucumber and Egyptian hibiscus flowers
  • Gin and Tonic: A take on the classic cocktail made with Origin and 1220’s housemade tonic

"The canned cocktails reflect a very thoughtful and inspired portfolio just in time for spring and summer," owner Kevin Lemp said in a release. "We will also be rounding out 1220’s premium portfolio – each product offering very specific experiences."

1220's two limited-edition seasonal releases include Spring Gin, a blue gin with notes of fresh lemon zest and lavender that 1220 says is notably drier than the distillery's signature Origin Gin. Made with butterfly pea flowers, the Spring Gin has a cobalt blue hue and will change colors when mixed with tonic or citrus juice. The Spring Vodka is also botanically inspired, featuring orange blossoms with citrus and wildflower honey.

Finally, 1220's new premium portfolio includes two Italian-inspired spirits: Spettro Amaro and Flora Apertif. Spettro Amaro will be the first amaro to be made in St. Louis. Amaro styles vary widely, and 1220's will be made in the style of Rababaro (Italian for rhubarb), featuring 14 different botanicals. As the distillery describes it, "the earthy, bitter base gives way to an herbal heart of sage and rosemary with top notes of vanilla, bitter orange, and a hint of anise."

Likewise, Flora Apertif is inspired by the classic Italian apertif, traditionally served before a meal to open up the palate. The vibrant, bright red sweet amaro features notes of violet and cascarilla bark with a bitter finish. 

Head distiller Rob Vossmeyer, who previously worked at Tom's Town Distilling Co. in Kansas City, has long planned to release an amaro under the 1220 brand. "We look to a broad variety of botanicals to inspire our entire portfolio, including the amaro," he said. "We’ve worked for over a year to get the flavor, the mouthfeel and the balance just right. We’re really proud of the finished product and excited to release St. Louis’ first amaro!"

Look for the new products to hit shelves later this month.

1220 Artisan Spirits, 1220spirits.com

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