Cherokee Street denizens now have a new place to drink and dine. The B-Side opened last week in the building previously occupied by Los Punk, providing the latest hub for nightlife in the neighborhood. The concept comes from Yaqui’s co-owners Francis Rodriguez, Beckie Lewis and Joe Timm, featuring a focus on its namesake initial with burgers, beats and booze.

“Yaqui’s has more of a family atmosphere that’s kind of quiet and mellow,” says Rodriguez, who resides above the pizzeria and wine bar with Lewis and their nine-month-old daughter. “The B-Side is filling a different niche on the street. It’s a fun, exciting place to be.”

On the back wall of the restaurant and bar, a neon “B” illuminates the approximately 1,500-square-foot, shotgun-style space, which features a vintage jukebox filled with 45s. With a handful of quarters, patrons can play some songs or test their skills on a game of pinball or Pac-Man.

Around 49 seats are available in the restaurant or on the back patio, complete with hanging lights and a fire pit. From behind the bar, chef and general manager Robert Engelhardt cooks up a small but mighty menu of hot food for hungry bar-goers.

“You can get a burger and a pint of beer for $5 in 3 minutes,” says co-owner Joe Timm. “It’s cash only, no tabs, pay as you go  just fast and simple.”

Meat patties get grilled over an open flame and are then held in a beer bath made with Stag, onions, Worcestershire sauce and spices for quick service. The house burger comes topped with American cheese, grilled onions and comeback sauce  a Southern-style condiment similar to a remoulade.

Alternative toppings include tomatoes, pickles, jalapeños and more. A vegan chili is also available. For a bit of everything, try a signature dish called the “Frito Bandito,” which consists of chili, a chopped up hamburger patty, grilled onions, jalapeños, cheese and comeback sauce on a bed of Fritos.

From the bar, choose from no-frills essentials, including Stag beer on draft. The B-Side will feature live entertainment, including musicians from all over the region. A grand opening is planned for Sat., Nov. 5 with a record spin by DJs Endless Planets and more.

The B-Side’s current hours are Monday through Saturday from 7pm to 1:30am and Sunday from 7pm to midnight.

The B-Side, 2709 Cherokee St., St. Louis, Missouri,