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A cocktail bar, sit-down restaurant and record label all in one space might sound like an ambitious undertaking to some, but not to Parlor owners Sean Baltzell and Casey Colgan.

Later this year, Baltzell and Colgan plan to open Takashima Records, a Japanese-meets-traditional Americana cocktail lounge and record label. The hip, boozy joint will feature exclusive records from old St. Louis artists, local and global DJs, as well as top cocktails inspired from Japan and an extensive sake and wine menu to match. 

Baltzell, Colgan and their team will be heading to Tokyo later this year to do extensive research on keeping true to these Japanese inspirations. 

"We are interested in the high-ball whiskey culture in Tokyo," Baltzell says. "We want to have a section that plays into what's going on currently over there. Takashima means tall island, so we really want to be able to bring some island vibes to the cocktail culture." 

Takashima will also feature small plates and shareables. The restaurant's chef has yet to be announced, but the menu will feature sushi and veggie tempura among other traditional Japanese dishes that will change over time. 

"We really want to bring a high-end dining service element to the space from the moment you enter the door," Baltzell says. "It will be something everyone can share. We really want to encourage people to order four or five small plates and share it over sake." 

Takashima will be located on the ground floor of the Chroma luxury apartment complex alongside Chao Baan and Seoul Taco. The cocktail-focused concept will feature a lounge area where drinks and food will be served, as well as a main music hall with over 5,000 vinyl collections, flash art cues that nod to Baltzell's other gig as owner of Tower Classic Tattooing, in addition to a balcony for additional seating. 

"Service is number one, and aesthetics, vibe and interior space is [also] number one," Baltzell says. "We are very excited." 

Takashima Records, 4041 Chouteau Ave., The Grove, St. Louis, Missouri

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