Reeds American Table Interior

Reeds American Table in Maplewood, Missouri.

Sad news for fans of Reeds American Table: The acclaimed Maplewood, Missouri, restaurant has announced it will close next week.

"It is with a heavy heart that I must write and announce our decision to close Reeds American Table," owner Matt Daughaday wrote in a statement on Facebook. "It was an extremely difficult decision to make but one that unfortunately had to happen. We have had an amazing 4+ years here in Maplewood. Looking back to the relationships we have built with people inside this community, to all the amazing people who have spent time working at Reeds we feel very lucky to have been able to do what we have over these past four years. It was not always easy but at no time were we not proud of how our team has persevered and the amazing product that has come out of that hard work."

The restaurant opened in Maplewood in September 2015 and quickly earned glowing reviews. Daughaday, an alum of Gerard Craft's Niche Food Group, assembled an impressive team at the restaurant including former pastry chef Summer Wright (now of Carte Blanche), former beverage director Andrey Ivanov (now of Bliss Wine Imports in Napa Valley, California), former beverage director Alisha Blackwell-Calvert (now of Elaia) and bar manager Naomi Roquet.

"From the customers whom have come since day one, that we all know by name by now, to the customers who we only got to meet once, we very much appreciate the support we have been given over the years that has served as a constant inspiration to what we do," the post continues. "It is what made us love coming into work.

"All of that will be missed but we look back with only happy memories and are so thankful to have them. We have all grown individually and as a team and look forward to continuing to serve the St. Louis dining scene in one of the many amazing places that this city has to offer. So, it is not good bye, just till next time, and we cannot thank you all enough for the opportunity we have had with this restaurant."

Reeds American Table, 7322 Manchester Road, Maplewood, Missouri, 314.899.9821,

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