Little Fox Mowgli and Craig Rivard

Mowgli, left, and Craig Rivard stand inside the unfinished Little Fox space in Fox Park. 

Mowgli and Craig Rivard met working in kitchens in Brooklyn. Now based in St. Louis, the two have started a restaurant group, Postcards from Bklyn, with the goal to open up several restaurants in the Fox Park neighborhood. The first will be the aptly named Little Fox at 2800 Shenandoah, which is set to open in November. 

The name Postcards from Bklyn comes from the practice of pairing the check at a restaurant with a postcard, which the Rivards say is common in Brooklyn; Craig used to collect them. They say that the checks at Little Fox will also include postcards.

Little Fox's menu is designed, first and foremost, to be flexible. The Rivards want guests to enjoy the restaurant in whatever way they prefer.

"We've designed the menu to just allow people to sort of navigate it however they like," Craig says. "If you want to come in with a group of friends and, you know, share a bunch of small things, you can do that. If you want to do a more traditional appetizer-entree sort of thing, that's fine too." 

While Little Fox concentrates on being a modern neighborhood restaurant rather than on a specific type of cuisine, Mowgli says that she'd describe Little Fox's food as American with influences from Italy and Spain. 

Little Fox is just one of the concepts that the Rivards are hoping to open. They say that the concept was actually inspired by the space they found on Shenandoah, not by which restaurant they wanted to open first.

"We were going to let the space that we found dictate the concepts, as opposed to cramming an idea into a space that didn't fit," Craig says. 

For the same reasons, they won't hint at what concept they would want to open next; they say the location would be a big influence in the flavors and style.

With that in mind, the couple took a lot of care in designing the interior of Little Fox.

"We put a lot of thought into the design," Mowgli says. "Its very light, airy and warm." 

As for the future of Postcards from Bklyn, the pair want any future restaurants to be in close proximity to their flagship restaurant. But for now, getting Little Fox open and making sure it succeeds is the priority. 

"We're hoping to get open as soon as we can," Mowgli says. "We're very excited."

Little Fox, 2800 Shenandoah Ave., Fox Park, St. Louis, Missouri,

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