Grace Chicken + Fish Exterior

Grace Chicken + Fish will be located adjacent to the main restaurant.

Bargoers in The Grove will soon have a new destination for late-night fare.

Grace Meat + Three owners Rick and Elisa Lewis plan to open a new concept, Grace Chicken + Fish, this summer.

Grace Chicken + Fish will be located adjacent to the main restaurant, and guests will order from a large three-paned walk-up window facing Tower Grove Avenue. Seating will be located on the sidewalk outside the restaurant, with space for 38 diners. Grace will also offer 15-minute parking spots reserved for carryout orders.

Rick describes the menu as a three- or four-step process, in which diners choose a protein followed by a sauce and sides. Proteins will include fried chicken, catfish, shrimp and tofu, which will be paired with one of Grace's 10 sauces exclusive to the late-night menu (such as a hot chile blend, ssamjang or cacio e pepe). "Each sauce will come with its own garnishes," Rick explains. "For example, we'll have hot chicken on a slice of white bread with dill pickle, which you can order with General Tso's sauce, and that will come with sesame seeds, chiles and lettuce, while the ssam sauce will come with kimchi." 

A handful of sides will be on offer as well, including slaw, mac 'n' cheese, french fries and dill pickles. Lewis says he's particularly excited about the loaded fries (seasoned crinkle-cut fries with beer cheese queso, bacon and pickled jalapeños) as well as the hand pies. In addition to a signature dark chocolate hand pie, Grace Chicken + Fish will offer a rotating flavor each week, such as caramel apple in the fall.

"We're just excited about the simplicity of it in general," Rick says. "It's going to be a cool fast-food model."

Look for Grace Chicken + Fish to open within the next few weeks.

Grace Chicken + Fish will be open Friday and Saturday from 11pm to 3am, with additional hours to follow.

Grace Chicken + Fish (located inside Grace Meat + Three), 4270 Manchester Ave., The Grove, St. Louis, Missouri, 314.533.2700,

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