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New products include a peach-jalapeño syrup and pineapple-allspice shrub.

Time to stock up your bar cart: Heirloom Bottling Co. is debuting two new flavors this week.

Brad Zulick's cocktail syrup and shrub company first introduced St. Louis to shrubs in flavors like blueberry-sage, blackberry-lemon-mint and grapefruit-ginger-vanilla  plus a lime-peppercorn syrup  in May 2017. This week, Heirloom's new peach-jalapeño syrup and pineapple-allspice shrub will be hitting shelves. Unlike a shrub, the peach-jalapeño syrup doesn't have any vinegar in it; Zulick says it's sweet and peach-forward with a bit of a pepper bite. "I roast the peppers so they’re smoky; I blister the skins on the grill before I put them into the batch," he says.

The pineapple-allspice shrub, on the other hand, is vinegar-forward, though Zulick says the sour bite of the vinegar plays nicely alongside the cloying sweetness of the pineapple. "It makes a great punch," he says. "I think it would make a really good warm drink; I've been playing around with a pineapple-allspice Hot Toddy if fall ever arrives in St. Louis."

Zulick, an avid homebrewer, former bartender and longtime cook, launched Heirloom as a passion project. Recently, he teamed up with Craft Republic to expand distribution of his products. Now, you can find Heirloom shrubs and syrups in major retail stores like Lukas Liquors and Total Wine & More as well as restaurants and bars including Thurman's, Fiddlehead Fern and Sqwires.

Zulick also frequently hosts pop-up tastings at local stores, farmers' markets and events. This weekend, you can catch him mixing drinks at the South Grand Fall Fest; next weekend, he'll be at Urban Matter from 11am to 1pm. At the Best of Missouri Market at the Botanical Gardens on Oct. 5, 6 and 7, Zulick will be pairing Heirloom products with spirits from Missouri producers 1220 Artisan Spirits, Square One Brewery & Distillery, Soulard Island Rum and Defiance Whiskey.

Although Heirloom products are now more widely available across the St. Louis area, Zulick has his eyes set on an even larger goal. Over the next few months, he hopes to offer online sales of his shrubs and syrups on Heirloom's website. "I get a lot of requests from people who are visiting St. Louis from out of town and want to be able to send this stuff to North Carolina, Colorado or California," he says.

This fall, Heirloom also plans to debut another seasonal flavor: a cherry syrup with orange peel and Christmas spices. The syrup will be sold in a smaller-format bottle than Heirloom's current products, but as Zulick says, a little goes a long way. "You can add it like you would add vermouth to a Manhattan or an Old Fashioned, and it will kind of have that warming spice and cherry flavor that’s really good with brandy, bourbon or vodka," he says.

We'll drink to that.

Heirloom Bottling Co., heirloombottling.com

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