Tucked away inside an unassuming building in Joplin, Missouri, a truly magical dining experience awaits. Within two steps of entering Crabby’s Seafood Bar and Grill, diners will feel as if they’ve been transported to another world. Featuring low lighting and a high-dining atmosphere, Crabby’s can make any occasion feel special. And that’s just the setting; wait until you try the food.

Crabby's Pork Belly

Braised pork belly, chocolate ganache and banana sorbet.

Damien Tiregol, Crabby’s owner and executive chef, is giving customers an opportunity to try lots of food with “Crabby’s Chef’s Table,” a new bimonthly dining series featuring five-course meals with wine pairings. Tiregol has seen success with wine pairing dinners in the past, and now, he’s kicking it up a notch. With this series, he’s chosen to create a more elaborate menu so customers can taste a variety of flavor palates – and wines, of course.

Crabby's Chef's Table

The best way to experience Crabby's is the bimonthly Chef's Table dinner.

“I think of each course as a separate dish like it would be the only dish you ate that day,” Tiregol says. “After I figure out the identity of each dish separately, I compose the garnishes in a way to pull the whole dinner together. Similar flavors show throughout the meal as to keep a linear flavor profile.” Past Crabby’s Chef’s Table dinners have included tastings of foie gras, monk fish, wagyu ribeye and a ganache dessert with banana sorbet, crispy plaintains and braised pork belly.

Crabby's Pouring Wine

The five-course meals include wine pairings.

Tiregol continues to prepare unique dishes, beautifully plated and thoughtfully paired. And that’s not just for the tasting dinners; this holds true of Crabby’s menu day in and day out. For those who want to visit Crabby’s on a non-tasting night, Tiregol recommends the blackened salmon Oscar – an 8-ounce fresh blackened salmon filet topped with bearnaise sauce and sautéed lump crab meat over roasted garlic mash potatoes, grilled asparagus and finished with a lemon beurre blanc. Crabby’s receives food shipments from Seattle three times per week, so you can expect fresh, high quality seafood.

“Creating a dish is the best part of my job,” Tiregol says. “I think about it for days, constantly tweaking and changing, until it is something I want to eat.” And if you know what’s good for you, you’ll want to eat it too.

Crabby’s next tasting dinner will be held on Thu., Oct. 13. Tickets are $100 and can be purchased through the restaurant.

Crabby’s Seafood Bar and Grill, 815 W. Seventh St., Joplin, Missouri, 417.206.3474, crabbysjoplin.com