Melancholy Roasting Co. Cavern Blend

Melancholy Roasting Co.'s best-selling Cavern blend.

A bag of freshly roasted coffee beans is now just a click away.

Melancholy Roasting Co., located in Ava, Missouri, now delivers its air-roasted coffee beans to Springfield, Nixa and Ozark. The business is owned by brothers Matthew Picking and Caleb Carmichael.

Customers can use Melancholy's website to order a 12-ounce bag of coffee ($11.80), which will be delivered to your home or office, available on Mondays.

“I roast to order so it’s roasted within a couple of days, which is the best time to drink it,” says Picking. “One of our main focuses is to bridge the gap between coffee connoisseurs and everyday coffee drinkers to where you can get high-quality coffee that coffee shops are using. It’s cheap enough to be competitive but delivered to your door and it’s the quality you get in coffee shops.”

The brothers moved from Florida to Ava when they were 10 and 14. Picking lives in Springfield, but Carmichael still lives in Ava. They operate a coffee shop, Melancholy Roasting, in Ava, and roast their beans in the back.

Picking has been a coffee-lover since he was young. The brothers considered buying a coffee shop in Ava a few years ago; although they didn’t pursue it then, Picking couldn’t shake his desire to get into the coffee business.

“I thought about Springfield but the market is kind of flooded,” he says. “In February 2018, I got an espresso machine and went to the Ava Farmers Market on Saturday mornings and started making drinks for fun. Then immediately after that, my brother joined and we started going together. We were like, ‘We are ready to take the next step but not ready to open a shop.’ So, in May, I started looking at roasters. In July, I got an air roaster. I jumped in fast. I roasted a lot. From there, we starting selling coffee to friends, then started selling it at the farmers' market and people loved it. The primary focus shifted to the roasting.”

Picking decided to focus on air-roasted coffee because he feels it allows the consumer to appreciate the taste of the beans. “You have a more clear taste of the quality coffee flavor,” he says.

Early on, he roasted beans in his garage, but as demand increased, he knew they needed a shop. Last November, Picking and Carmichael opened Melancholy Roasting Co. on Jefferson Street. The name was inspired by his love of coffee, because the drink can transform a dreary, melancholy day. 

Picking and Carmichael buy single-origin beans but also blend the beans to create flavorful brews. The best-selling Cavern Blend, for instance, is a dark roast named for Missouri’s abundance of caves.

Orders can be placed at

Melancholy Roasting, 232 S. Jefferson St., Ava, Missouri,

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Juliana Goodwin lives in Springfield, Mo., but loves to explore the Ozarks and write about it for Feast Magazine.

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