Wire Road Brewing Co.

Slated to open this fall, the brewery hopes to become a community hub where family, friends and neighbors can share a beer and a laugh.

Battlefield, Missouri, will soon get its first brewery.

The vision of friends, retired science teachers and craft beer-lovers Jeff Birchler and Kary Walker, Wire Road Brewing Co. is slated to open this fall. “Initially, we envisioned a beer garden with food trucks,” says Birchler. “After R&D, we decided on a brewery. Then we found the perfect place.”

Located on 1½ acres near the intersection of South State Highway FF and West Farm Road 172, it’s a peaceful place to sit back and sip a draft beer or two – there will be at least a dozen on tap from which to choose.

While both Birchler and Walker have a passion for craft beer, they’re not brewers themselves. Enter Andy Pearsall. Pearsall co-owns Show-Me Brewing, a homebrewing supply store and microbrewery in Springfield, Missouri, and he’s joined the Wire Road Brewing Co. team as master brewer.

Pearsall promises an exciting range of beers from day one. “We’ll have full-bodied beers, easy-drinking beers, Belgians and IPAs,” he says. “Fun stuff, seasonal stuff – just a good variety. It’s going to be great.”

The taproom will seat 90, and the large, covered patio will be equipped with heaters so that patrons can enjoy the additional space for the majority of the year. There will also be a bar outside and plenty of visiting food trucks for the peckish.

Birchler and Walker are toying with the idea of serving local coffee and pastries during the day as well – just one more way to take advantage of the beautiful new space.

Birchler says it’s important to them to acknowledge the local history at the brewery, starting with the company’s name. Historically, the spot where Wire Road Brewing Co. will sit was part of a trail used by the Osage Nation. In 1858, it became part of the Butterfield Overland Mail route, and by the 1860s, telegraph lines were laid along the route. However, as the telephone drove the telegraph into decline, the lines were abandoned, and locals began calling the area “old wire road.”

At their best, craft breweries are community hubs, where family, friends, neighbors and strangers can come together over a beer and maybe a bite. That’s exactly what Birchler and Walker hope Wire Road Brewing Co. will be.

“I bartended many, many years ago, and I always dreamed of having my own place,” says Birchler. “I watched Cheers, and I wanted [my place] to have that same sense of community. We want to be part of the Battlefield community.”

Wire Road Brewing Co., facebook.com/WireRoadBrewing