Thrive Coffee and Creamery Owners

Thrive Coffee and Creamery owners Clayton and Amanda Kreisel.

The Kreisels have a sweet family saying: There’s always room for ice cream.

The promise of the sweet treat means the family frequents Sparky’s Homemade Ice Cream in Columbia, Missouri, and Betty Rae’s Ice Cream in Kansas City. But soon, the Kreisels – Clayton, Amanda and their two daughters – won’t have to travel far for a good scoop; they’ll have the keys to a shop just down the street.

Thrive Coffee and Creamery hopes to be Fayette’s go-to for gourmet, homemade ice cream and specialty coffee. The nonprofit shop plans to put its profits back into local initiatives bettering the community and globally-minded endeavors working for the greater good.

“We want to create a meeting ground in Fayette,” Amanda says. “A place for the university and the community to intersect because that’s something that doesn’t happen a ton. We want to bring great coffee, great ice cream and things that are community-building to Fayette and to use that to impact the community and the world.”

The Kreisels have made ice cream from scratch at home for five years. They turned their collective sweet tooth into a sweet business at the start of 2019, producing commercially for local events. Now partnered with a board of directors, Tim and Toby Rost, Paula Volkmann and Josh Jacobs, Thrive will bring Fayette a way to satisfy its sweet tooth, get its caffeine fix, and sit and stay a while for some good conversation or studying.

The menu will feature a rotating selection of handcrafted and creatively named ice cream flavors. Amanda’s Ice Cream, a cookies and cream flavor with oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, incorporates her well-known sweet standby. Let’s Go Bluesberry, a blueberry ice cream, bears the name of the recent Stanley Cup champions. Jerry’s Mint, chocolate-chip mint, pays homage to a favorite professor at Central Methodist University, Dr. Priddy, who passed away last year. Other creative flavors the Kreisels have experimented with include churro, peach cobbler, cherry pecan made with a Missouri variety, and lemon. Six staple flavors will always be available, along with a dairy-free and sorbet option.

On the coffee side of the counter, Thrive will serve beans from Three Story Coffee, roasted in Jefferson City, and a classic espresso menu with drip coffee options. Coffee and ice cream meet in Thrive’s cold-brew float, a scoop of any ice cream flavor in a glass of cold-brew coffee. Hugo Teas round out the drink offerings.

Starting this fall, homemade gluten-free waffles, topped with a scoop of ice cream, will be offered, and other baked goods will make an occasional appearance.

Ingredients used at Thrive with be locally sourced when possible and always ethically sourced through direct or fair trade. Clayton says it’s a new concept for the Fayette community but isn’t an unwelcome one.

Benefiting the producer is at the heart of Thrive’s mission and meaning. Thrive wants everyone – from customer to producer – to thrive. It’s a mindset that goes about business in a different way and a reminder that Thrive’s mission is more than just a good scoop of ice cream or quality cup of coffee.

“I think that people are really excited for ice cream and coffee, but then when they hear that we have a story, being not-for-profit and trying to serve the community, I think that just further increases the enthusiasm,” Clayton says.

Thrive has several ideas for how to positively affect Fayette with its profits: ideas like partnering with existing nonprofits, such as the food bank, and working to establish a sports program for underprivileged kids. As an adoptive family, the Kreisels hope to offer an annual adoption grant to help families pursuing the same path. On a global scope, Thrive plans to employ and financially aid students seeking to go abroad to do service projects or mission trips.

“Money is not the answer to the world, but it can help bring about change so that those proceeds would help the people who are beneficiaries to thrive,” Clayton says.

Thrive plans to open on Thu., July 4 and serve ice cream throughout the afternoon. Fri., July 5 will be Thrive’s first full day of business serving sweet treats and a limited drink menu.

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