Already known for serving unexpected fare that both puzzles and awes your tastebuds, Joplin’s favorite hotdog joint, Instant Karma Gourmet Hot Dogs, is at it again. Tonight, the restaurant will host its first-ever pop-up restaurant with a focus on Japanese street food and sake.

Since opening its doors several years ago along Joplin’s downtown drag, Instant Karma has continued to eschew culinary tradition. Flavors that don’t seem to go together are thrown side by side on hot dogs and hamburgers. Girl Scout cookies are fried, juicy pickle spears are wrapped in bacon, dragged through beer batter and dunked in the fryer, and hot dogs are crowned with everything from salami to sauerkraut. So when Instant Karma announced it was hosting a one-night only pop-up restaurant, curiosity about what the menu was, well, instant.

Sure enough, the creative culinary minds behind Instant Karma haven’t disappointed. Instead of tricked out hot dogs and hamburgers, tonight’s fare gives a nod to Japanese street food, and like always, the selection will have you scratching your head and ordering seconds.

For starters, there’s okonomiyaki, also known as Japanese pizza. “It’s kind of an octopus pancake,” says Instant Karma owner Jason Miller. “We will serve that traditional and Americanized in the form of a bacon cheeseburger okonomiyaki.”

Also on the menu is takoyaki, Japanese fried balls made with squid, a ramen bar stocked with plenty of toppings to choose from, and, of course, a sake bar.

The pop up starts tonight at 6pm and is first-come-first-served, so act quick. This is one meal that undoubtedly will leave your taste buds satisfied and endlessly curious. The pop up will be held at 521 Main Street, two doors down from Instant Karma.

Instant Karma Gourmet Hot Dogs, 527 S. Main St., Joplin, Missouri, 417.206.3647