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One of Sustained Juice's most popular offerings is made with apple, kale an d cucumber gherkins.

When Steven Jennings started Sustained Juice, his raw, organic cold-pressed juice business in 2015, Kansas City was thirsty for his delicious and exotic vegetable and fruit juices that were delivered straight to their homes.

After his business got off the ground, Jennings decided to leave Kansas City. But even with help from his family, his business suffered without him. Now, he has returned to find cold-pressed juice bars all over the city, and after reconnecting with several former clients, decided to reboot Sustained Juice.

Jennings is producing all of his original core juice flavors using organic, locally grown produce, including the popular vibrant green apple-kale-cucumber gherkins flavor. He also has some truly creative and tasty combinations made with additional supplements that regularly make health and wellness headlines. Turmeric, activated charcoal, chia seeds, elderflower, spirulina and matcha can all be found in the Sustained Juice lineup. He also hopes to expand the line to include juices made with superfoods, healing spices, herbs and teas, and is also experimenting with CBD products.

Many of Sustained Juice's delicious flavor combinations are inspired by Jennings' own time spent working as a server in restaurants owned by James Beard Award-winning restaurateurs like Colby and Megan Garrelts and Michael and Nancy Smith. He's playing around with using international spices like black and pink peppercorn, saffron and green cardamom in his juices. He is also making nut and oat milks from scratch and weaving them into his juices to give them a creamier flavor and texture. Soon, he hopes to roll out a vegan brown rice horchata and a purple yam and oat milk. 

Sustained Juice is a subscription-based service, and juices are only available for purchase through the company's website. Customers can choose from a five-pack (one juice a day) for $45 or a 10-pack (two juices a day) for $90. All orders are made fresh twice a week and delivered on Mondays and Wednesdays. Customers choose the juice flavors (including pulp or pulp-free) and the time of delivery. Sustained Juice also offers a five-day juice cleanse that includes six specific fruit and vegetable juices for $54 per day.

Talking to his clients about their needs has allowed Jennings to gain their trust – something that he does not take for granted. In fact, he knows that's one of the company's unique selling points.

“When I moved to Pennsylvania, I had asked my mom to run the day-to-day for Sustained Juice,” says Jennings. “Although she continued to make the juices, fulfill the orders and deliver them, my customers missed their interactions with me, and business eventually dropped off. It was then that I realized that I am the business.”

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