Fairway Creamery Exterior

Pizza 51 will transform into Fairway Creamery by May.

Christopher Elbow has decided to add donuts to his chocolate and ice cream empire, completing his dessert trifecta in Kansas City.

Fairway Creamery will open in the former Pizza 51 West location off Mission Road by May, serving local coffee, freshly made donuts and Elbow's own ice cream.

With his newest venture, the chef-turned-chocolatier continues to show he has more sweet tricks up his sleeve.

“I have always wanted to open a donut shop, and mine will focus more on traditional old-fashioned cake donuts that will be made with the best ingredients,” Elbow says. “My vanilla donuts will be made with Madagascar vanilla beans, and my raspberry glaze will be made from crushed fresh raspberries.”

The former pizza parlor boasts a full kitchen, so Elbow plans to make donuts from scratch daily. Because of that, however, when the donuts are gone, they are gone. Diners should plan to arrive early for the best selection. Fairway Creamery will open at 6:30am and close around 10pm during the summer months, but Elbow plans to adjust the hours based on the needs of the business once it opens.

Guests can also expect to see Elbow's beloved Glacé Artisan Ice Cream ice cream flavors, as well as some new flavors and techniques. He is currently working on developing a soft-serve ice cream with his signature flavors and plans to offer chocolate dipped cones as well.

Elbow also recently relocated his 16-year-old chocolate business to a brand-new corporate office just down the street from The Roasterie’s Factory headquarters off Southwest Boulevard. The space boasts room for a full production and shipping line as well a Willy Wonka-inspired test kitchen.

This move has given the chocolatier the ability to expand the bon-bon business he started in 2003 and allowed him room to make his new line of bean-to-bar single-origin chocolate, which he started selling last year. Fans can find all of his chocolate confections at his retail shops located in Kansas City’s Crossroads Arts District and San Francisco, in addition to a handful of retail shops around the country.  

In 2010, Elbow added the title glacier (a person responsible for making frozen desserts) to his resume when he opened his first Glacé Artisan Ice Cream shop on Main Street south of the Country Club Plaza. This shop will remain open under its current name, and will continue to be dedicated to serving ice cream.

“I was looking forward to settling into a new groove in our new space, but then this opportunity came up, and I knew we’d be adding Fairway Creamery to the list of projects this year,” says Elbow. “This location was just too perfect in terms of location and the look of the space. As a converted Sinclair gas station, it already fits the mid-century look I have planned for this concept.”

Fairway Creamery, 5938 Mission Road, Fairway, Kansas