Betty Rae's Ice Cream Flavors

Chocolate Almond Orange & Spice and Milk Chocolate Hazelnut Swirl are the new collaboration flavors.

Betty Rae’s Ice Cream has added two new ice cream flavors to its creative roster while supplies last. Milk Chocolate Hazelnut Swirl and Chocolate Almond Orange & Spice are the latest specialty flavors inspired by confections from André’s Confiserie Suisse.

Inspiration for the collaboration struck while waiting in line to order a scoop at Betty Rae’s. “We love supporting local businesses and we love good food. Going to Betty Rae’s with our kids naturally became a favorite family activity,” says Rene Bollier, co-owner of Andre’s Confiserie Suisse. “One day as we stood in line reading through the flavors, we thought, how amazing would it be to have an André’s chocolate flavor?”

The Bollier family immediately grew excited about the idea. Bollier called the next day to see if there was any interest, and Betty Rae’s owner David Friesen was equally thrilled by the idea. Development of the two flavors has been a project since mid-summer.

The brainstorming session may lead to other collaborative ice cream flavors. “Andre's is one of our favorite spots in town and such an institution,” Friesen says. “I think it will result in a lot of new flavors in the years to come. We had so many ideas it was hard to just do two!”

Developing the Milk Chocolate Hazelnut Swirl and Chocolate Almond Orange & Spice flavors made for a delicious R&D process.

“We led their team on a tour of our faculty to show them how things are made and sent them home with a variety of products to try out,” Bollier says. “They were super excited about the chocolate hazelnut butter and it quickly became a favorite among their team. The house candied orange peel covered in our signature dark chocolate was another item they gravitated toward, which they combined with our soon-to-be-released single-origin 80 percent dark chocolate almonds.”

“Seeing the production of all of the chocolates, cakes, breads and pastry was really inspiring. Everything we tasted was phenomenal,” Friesen adds. “A few things stuck with us, like the gingerbread dough, the incredible dark chocolate almonds, and the perfection of the milk and dark chocolates, and the hazelnut butter as well. We were kids in a candy store.”

The Milk Chocolate Hazelnut Swirl features Andre's signature milk chocolate with Chocolate Hazelnut Butter swirled in. The Chocolate Almond Orange & Spice contains Andre's single-origin 80 percent Dark Chocolate Almonds and Dark Chocolate Orange Peels. “They both turned out beyond our expectations. Each is mouth-wateringly delicious in its own way,” Bollier says.

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