The Roasterie Cold-Brew Coffee

New flavors include Chocolate Raspberry, Lavender Wild and All Hopped Up.

Danny O’Neill thinks the future of coffee is frosty.

That's evident by the new line of naturally flavored cold-brew coffees Kansas City’s own "Bean Baron" just rolled out via his coffee roasting company, The Roasterie.

The company now offers three new canned cold-brew coffee flavors: Chocolate Raspberry, Lavender Wild and All Hopped Up. These three flavors join The Roasterie's existing lineup of cold-brew coffees, including a signature cold brew, nitro cold brew and CBD-infused cold brew.

Found at all Roasterie-owned cafés and at select grocery stores across Kansas City, each flavor is slow-steeped for 19 hours and flavored naturally with zero calories, carbs or sugar.

"We are excited to announce that we have extended our line of canned cold brew, with three new all-natural flavors," O'Neill said in a statement. "There's now a cold brew for every taste."

Each of the three flavors are created using natural ingredients as well as the natural nuances drawn out from the beans in the steeping process. 

The new cold-brew flavors include:

Chocolate Raspberry: Slow-steeped cold-brew coffee with natural cherry and raspberry flavors complements the natural chocolate flavor found in this coffee, and it gives this one a distinct fruitiness.

Lavender Wild: Naturally infused with wild lavender, this slow-steeped cold-brew has a very subtle floral note that complements the chocolate and caramel notes of the signature cold-brew.

All Hopped Up: Naturally infused using whole leaf Mosaic hops, this cold brew gives a crisp and refreshing twist. There are notes of citrus, florals and subtle pine that creates a complex cold brew experience unlike any other.

The production for the new cold-brew line, along with all of the other bean-based projects at The Roasterie, takes place at the brand's factory location in Kansas City. In addition to this production plant and café, The Roasterie has nine cafés in the Kansas City metro area and also supplies coffee, cold-brew and teas to more than 600 businesses, grocery stores, restaurants, colleges and universities. The Roasterie's cold-brew coffees are available for sale by the can or in mixed six-packs.

The Roasterie,

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