Brandon Nickelson, co-owner of Craft Beer Cellar (CBC) says he wants to "cater to the people who hang around at the shop," and he's now doing exactly that.

Nickelson has been encouraging people to eat lunch or dinner in CBC as they hang around tasting beer, but not until recently did he find a way to make that a reality.

“Our intention is to offer sessions where you can get some beer and be educated about it.” Nickelson says. “We are heavy on education — you can come get lunch while trying a couple of beers.”

To this end, Food Pedaler, a local food delivery service, is now available at CBC. Folks can come in, learn about beer on their lunch break or have a taste testing after dinner, all while their food gets delivered on bikes from nearby restaurants.

With a $3.99 service charge and a $10 minimum, CBC customers have the option of ordering food from 5 Star Burgers, Avenue, Barcelona, Bocci Bar, Coastal Bistro, Half & Half, Pastaria, Pizzino, Protzel’s Delicatessen and Vincent Van Doughnut via tablet at CBC.

Food Pedaler started their services in 2013 in the Central West End. The idea for CBC to use their services, began after Food Pedaler started collaboration at the International Tap House (iTap). Food Pedaler found a way for customers to enjoy a variety of different beer and food, without iTap needing a food menu of their own. Founder Tim Kiefer says there are a variety of different, good quality restaurants around the St. Louis area, making the delivery service a perfect fit for a place like iTap and now CBC.

Nickelson has only just started the collaboration with Food Pedaler but says customers have been satisfied with the quality and delivery time of the food.

“Everybody who ordered got their food within 20 minutes,” Nickelson says. Kiefer says the delivery time depends on what is being ordered, but the average time is 30 minutes.

“We have delivered sushi in 15 minutes, but if somebody is going to order a deep dish pizza on a busy day, it’ll take an hour,” Kiefer says. “Our main focus is to give people really awesome food.”

By ordering online, anybody in Clayton, University City Near, Washington University's Danforth Campus, The Loop, Demun, Skiner-DeBaliviere, DeBaliviere Place, the BJC Complex and Biotech Corridor, the Central West End and St. Louis University can use the Food Pedaler's delivery services.

Craft Beer Cellar, 8113 Maryland Ave., Clayton, St. Louis, Missouri, 314.222.2444,


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