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"Drink Local Think Global" has launched This One's For You, a fundraising effort for unemployed brewery bartenders, brewers and servers.

"Drink Local Think Global" has launched This One's For You, a fundraising campaign for craft brewery employees in need across the nation. All proceeds from the campaign will be disbursed directly to craft brewery employees affected by COVID-19.

The primary mission of Drink Local Think Global (DLTG) is to provide sustainable access to clean drinking water for communities around the world. The nonprofit partners with craft breweries in its initiative. Now DLTG has shifted gears to aid unemployed brewery bartenders, brewers and servers.

“We have always told breweries, even though we are asking for donations and raising money for clean water, we truly do want to support them and have a strong partnership that benefits them as well,” says Brent Patterson, founder of Drink Local Think Global. “We only felt it was right to start a campaign to help those who have supported our mission so strongly in the past. Partnerships are not just a one-way street. We wanted to show that. Our focus is growing this campaign and assisting as many craft brewery employees and owners as possible.”

Craft brewery employers and employees may nominate their peers or themselves for the This One's for You Campaign. Nominees must meet a list of requirements listed on the website, including providing a reference for the brewery they work(ed) at before the pandemic for verification. DLTG has received 153 nominations from more than 21 states, and expects that number to rise. Recipients will be selected by the DLTG team. Disbursement of funds by check will begin within the next month and often as feasible. In the interest of transparency, DLTG has opened a separate bank account so donated funds are separate from other donations intended for clean water.

“We do not expect funds to be distributed equally as many nominations include a specific amount that would help them,” Patterson says. “We hope to assist as many as possible, but that solely depends on how much we will be able to raise during this campaign.”

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