While visiting craft breweries across the country with his wife, Nathan Merrick discovered a unique branding opportunity that he knew he could grow in his hometown of St. Louis. Craft Beer Coolers was born shortly thereafter, combining Merrick's love of craft beer with a complementary product he hopes to provide to local breweries and beyond.

Merrick adds your logo of choice to stainless steel coolers that hold craft beer bottles perfectly. Targeting the breweries themselves allows Merrick to take the brewery's logo and create just one for a promotional item, or many for future sale in the brewery store.

“We feel the steel coolers are a true branding and marketing opportunity because each cooler is personalized,” says Merrick. “Every cooler is a moving billboard for their brand.”

Graphics are printed using state-of-the-art industrial printers on quality vinyl with latex inks. The vinyl logo is then laminated to ensure a durable product whose color won't fade while your cooler sits in the sun.

And though Merrick looks to craft breweries as potential customers of his coolers, anyone can purchase one. In fact, a popular design holds the city flag of St. Louis for those looking to rep their, and Merrick's, hometown.

“St. Louis is my home and also has an amazing craft brewery scene,” Merrick says. “I believe that the quality of the beer being produced in St. Louis is hands down the best in the U.S. Plus, St. Louis has hot summers, and cold beer is always better.”

In the future, Merrick is looking forward to expanding his craft brewery lineup. Craft Beer Coolers will debut a wood jockey box cover specifically for beer festivals, and has been contacted by businesses outside the brewery circle, including marinas and individual boaters. But no matter who knocks on his door, Merrick hopes to help keep their beer cold.

“I always say, don't let craft beer be carried in just any cooler.”

If you're interested in a Craft Beer Cooler, you can contact Merrick on the website, or follow on Twitter or Instagram.

Craft Beer Coolers, 314-494-6283, craftbeercoolers.com.


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