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Elle's Patisserie Celebrates 4 Years of Treats, Truffles and Très Bien Fans in Springfield

Purple is Elle Feldman’s favorite color.

She’s loved it ever since she can remember, but a particularly vibrant shade of lavender has popped up in her life again and again. When she was in seventh grade, that bold lilac was her signature lipstick. When she visited Provence, France on a business trip five years ago, she fell in love with a house sporting the most stunning lilac shutters.

And when she purchased a little house on Cherry Street in Springfield, Missouri, to hold Elle’s Patisserie, she was inspired to paint her sweet shop “rocker girl purple” – a shade of that favorite hue.

“We tried to paint the house brown, like chocolate brown, but it was awful,” Feldman says. “One of my friends said to me, ‘Purple’s your favorite color, why don’t you paint it purple?’ And it hit me. I went home and found a photo of that house in Provence with those shutters and that was it. We had found our color.”

For four colorful years, Feldman’s petite purple house on Cherry Street has been serving up her signature gourmet truffles, pastries, sweet treats and even sweeter homemade ice cream. Her salted caramel truffles are a local favorite, and a scoop of the patisserie’s spicy chocolate ice cream is her son Oliver’s after-school snack of choice.

No matter what Feldman’s patrons reach for, each bite is made from scratch.

“I’m completely self-taught. So is my husband Jon, who makes all our pastries,” Feldman says. “And we make most of my items to taste, fresh daily, and they’re all handmade. I’ve made every single truffle there has ever been in my shop myself. I hardly even have to think about it. I joke and say that I’m a vessel to whatever the universe wants me to do with the chocolate.”

The chocolate that Feldman creates has made her purple patisserie one of the go-to chocolate havens in Springfield. Feldman’s Belgian chocolate truffles are a big bite of handmade sweetness, featuring chocolate and flavor combinations that are unexpected but approachable. Meanwhile, Jon Feldman’s fresh-daily croissants are luscious with a cup of the patisserie’s French press coffee, and the pecan sticky buns are an accessible, indulgent treat.

Feldman’s weakness are her Rocky Road Bars, a recipe she received from a lifelong friend’s mother, Mrs. Kruetz. Patrons can almost taste the love that’s put into making every bite.

“It’s taken me seven years to perfect my process, to make truffles as fast as I do,” says Feldman. “I don’t consider myself a baker; cookies and cakes aren’t my thing. Chocolate is my thing, and it’s just something that comes naturally to me.”

With a background in communications and marketing, sharing the story of how sweet treats get made at Feldman’s shop also comes naturally to its owner. The patisserie’s oversized truffles and dainty macarons have earned a near-obsessive fan base on social media, garnering Elle’s Patisserie more than 4,000 Facebook fans and more than 2,000 Instagram followers who whet their appetite with her made-fresh photos.

But Elle Feldman is just thrilled her hobby has kept her little purple house’s doors open.

“We went to Paris, and it totally me inspired me to keep trying new things,” she says. “It really is a labor of love, because of love is what is in all of this, that’s why I keep my other business to support our family. The only thing that keeps us going is that we love it, and hopefully that’s what tastes good, the love, the energy that goes into that.”

1454 E. Cherry St., Springfield, Missouri, 417.832.2171,


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