Literally translated to mean "bicycle," a radler is the German term for a blend of beer and either fruit soda or lemonade. The fruity, crisp, refreshing drink became last summer's "it" drink, and it seems poised to make a comeback this year.

This spring, Kansas City's Boulevard Brewing Co. released its ginger-lemon radler, a previous Tasting Room Series release, in cans. Perhaps one of the most popular radlers, the grapefruit Stiegl Radler from Stieglbrauerei in Austria, is popping up on more tap handles across the city.

This weekend, you'll have the chance to concoct your own radler at the Craft Beer Cellar in Clayton.

Brandon Nickelson, Craft Beer Cellar's "hoperations manager" and a Feast contributor, says besides Boulevard, there aren't many breweries in the region that are making a radler that's available in bottles or cans.

That's why they approached Excel Bottling Co. out of Breese, Illinois, which has produced pure cane sugar sodas in flavors like Cherry Breese, Blueberry Breese and Strawberry Kiwi Breese since 1936. In 2012, Excel also began producing beers, including the Carlyle Lake Laker, Excel Citra and Eastside IPA.

"They are really ideally suited to doing this since they make both beer and sodas," Nickelson says. "We were just geeky enough to say 'Hey! How bout you make a radler for us?' Radlers are crazy popular, and we absolutely love them!"

On Sat., April 25, Excel's lead brewer Ron Burguiere will be on hand at the Craft Beer Cellar to help guests mix Excel's brews and sodas. The most popular radler from the event will be produced by Excel.

Craft Beer Cellar, 8113 Maryland Ave., Clayton, Missouri, 314.222.2444,

Excel Bottling Co., 488 S. Broadway, Breese, Illinois, 618.526.7159,


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