Justin Salazar has been eating three tacos a day from Taco Republic every day for the last 89 days. Today, when he eats his last three tacos at the Kansas City restaurant, he will have eaten a staggering 270 tacos over the last 90 days.

Total cost: $175.

That’s thanks to the Westwood-area eatery’s “season pass,” which allowed holders to present the pass as often as once daily in exchange for three tacos, plus chips and salsa, from December 5, 2014, through March 5, 2015.

Despite that affordable retail price, the restaurant’s owners, Bread & Butter Concepts, calculated the pass’ total value at $1,000. But even they surely didn’t bank on anyone achieving a “perfect season.”

Salazar says he purchased the pass planning to do just that.

“From day one I knew I wanted to take full advantage of the pass,” he says. “I figured it was a killer deal that I couldn’t pass up.” It helps, he acknowledges, that he lives less than two miles from the restaurant: "That kinda made the whole decision to go for the perfect season a TON easier."

A 37-year-old who works processing claims for the Social Security Administration, Salazar quickly became known to the staff at Taco Republic, partly because he documented his journey on Twitter. (He tweets @KansasCity_Sal.) Staffers admit they enjoyed his daily visits.

“He’s become sort of a legend around here,” says Taco Republic manager Alex Shoee. “All of our staff refers to him as ‘Taco Sal’ and we always look forward to his visit.”

The feelings are mutual.

“The best part of it all is being able to say ‘see you tomorrow’ and actually mean it,” says Salazar. “It’ll be pretty bittersweet when it ends, but I plan to still visit Taco Republic -- just maybe not as much.”

This evening, as Salazar makes his perfect season a reality, spectators and taco fans alike are encouraged to come witness history in the making. He’ll take his final bite at 7:30pm, finishing off his 270th taco.

Taco Republic, 500 County Line Rd., Westwood, Kansas City, Kansas. eattacorepublic.com


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