Pyro Pizza's food truck just got a whole lot hotter. Besides the toasty 800-degree wood-fired brick oven inside the truck, they've just added a large flaming logo to the driver's side. 

The co-owners, Tony Lee and Steve Gleeson, are both previous pizza drivers with 10 years in the pizza business. 

"We know how to make a good pizza," Lee says. 

Evidence of this claim can be found at the black former delivery truck-turned food truck that they opened for business on July 19. Today, it will be parked at Purina (801 Chouteau Ave.), or you can check out their Facebook and Twitter pages to reflect their daily location. 

Their top-selling pizzas include the Pesto Chicken with pesto, chicken, onion, spinach, oregano and mozzarella; the Barbecue Chicken with barbecue, chicken, bacon, onion, pineapple and Cheddar cheese; and the Margherita with tomato sauce, basil, olive oil and mozzarella. You can also build your own pizza with a plethora of available ingredients. 

The pair cooks the 8-inch pizzas in about two minutes in the wood-fired brick oven inside the truck that can fit up to three pies and get up to 900 degrees. They built it themselves specifically for Pyro Pizza's food truck.

"We light it at 9am every morning," Lee says. "It's well-insulated, so the truck doesn't get too hot.'"

Pyro Pizza is currently licensed for selling pies in the city, but they should be able to hit the county as well in about a week. After that, they're planning on expanding to St. Charles. 

Stay tuned to their social media for where you can get your pizza fix. 

"You can't miss us," Lee says. "We're the big black truck with the delicious-smelling pizza."

Pyro Pizza, mulitple locations, 314.403.0217, Facebook page


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