The family behind Cave Vineyard in Ste. Genevieve has long enjoyed the Italian tradition of dunking biscotti in wine.

Now, they’re selling their homemade treats, so patrons can get in on the deliciousness, too. Cave Vineyard’s new line of biscotti bars are available for pairing with all of the company’s wines and are to be enjoyed any time of day, not just with dessert.

All biscotti are made from scratch in the Winery Loft kitchen that overlooks the winery. Guests are invited to watch as owner Mary Jo Strussione bakes both the biscotti and her in-demand bread, served on Saturdays.

Five flavors are currently available, but the selection will change based on season and experimentation. Biscotti are sold for $1 a piece. Cave Vineyard recommends pairings, but winery owners encourage patrons to play around and discover their own go-to combos.

Current offerings include:

  • Grandma’s Almond Biscotti: The mild almond flavor makes it an easy match for Chardonel, but the winery says this biscotti pairs well with any wine on its list.
  • Chocolate & Cayenne Biscotti: The sweet Cave Rock Red perfectly complements the chocolate and slight spice in the biscotti.
  • Anise: The unique anise flavor complements the mild fruitiness of Chambourcin, however, it pairs nicely with Traminette.
  • Goat Cheese & Herbs de Ste. Genevieve: Featuring Cave Vineyard-grown herbs, the bold flavors in this savory biscotti make it the perfect match for the winery’s Norton.
  • Mascarpone & Dark Cherry: The mascarpone gives the biscotti a richness that, when balanced with tart dark cherries, begs to be drowned in a dry red, such as the winery’s Chambourcin or Norton.

Cave Vineyards, 21124 Cave Road, Ste. Genevieve, Mo., 573.543.5284,