Charleville's Box of Chocolate Belgian Quad Ale

Charleville's Box of Chocolate Belgian Quad Ale

If you hurry, you might be able to snag a Valentine's Day gift that will satisfy both the beer and chocolate lovers in your life. Charleville Brewing Company, a division of Charleville Vineyard in Ste. Genevieve, is releasing its Box of Chocolate Belgian-style ale.

In its third year of brewing the seasonal beer, Charleville Brewing Company upped production of its rich, quadruple from 80 to 100 cases in order to accommodate sellers in Missouri, Illinois and Arkansas. However, brewer and head of sales and marketing, Tait Russell, says Box of Chocolate is not likely to stay on the shelves long.

“Last year, The Wine and Cheese Place got 20 cases of it, and sold out in two hours,” he says. “We've been doing small increases in production each year, but since (it's) seasonal we don't want a lot to be sitting on the shelf when we release our other seasonal beers.”

The idea for Box of Chocolate came from an assistant brewer who wanted to produce a double-chocolate Belgian quad that plays up the natural chocolate-y flavors of the malt.

“We use a lot of chocolate malt because the way it's kilned, it has a lot of chocolate qualities to it and the malt actually darkens the color of the beer,” Russell says. “We also add a very small amount of natural extract, mostly for the aroma.”

Box of Chocolate is 10.5% ABV and is priced at $8.49 to $8.99 per 22-oz. bottle.

The brew is available at Charleville and is expected to hit shelves and the online store of The Wine and Cheese Place by Fri., Jan. 11, as well as area Lukas Liquor, Whole Foods Market, Local Harvest, Schnucks, Randall's and Friar Tuck's stores.

Charleville Vineyard & Microbrewery, 16937 Boyd Road, Ste. Genevieve, Mo., 573.756.4537,