Doug Frost, who is one of three people in the world to hold the Master of Wine and Master Sommelier titles, takes us on a virtual tour of Missouri Vignoles as part of the Feast Magazine Virtual Vine event.

Hear from the wine makers at Augusta, Les Bourgeois, Noboleis, Röbller and Stone Hill wineries.

You'll be guaranteed to open your mind - and your palette - to the possibilities these Missouri wines offer.

Colin Pennington and Doug Frost explain how the tropical notes of pineapple balance out the acidity in the 2020 Augusta Winery Vignoles.

Jacob Holman and Doug Frost discuss the process that help earned the Les Bourgeios Vignoles the "Best of Class" distinction at the San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition.

Gabriel Miller and Doug Frost explain how the Vignoles program has gone 'through the roof' at Noboleis.

Jerry Mueller and Doug Frost discuss the process that creates a rich, creamy, mineral-laced wine.

Shaun Turnbull tells Doug Frost why the Vignoles features his favorite Missouri grape to make, but the hardest to grow.

Join Feast Magazine for a tasting of Missouri wines.