Huge congrats! Two St. Louis bakers, Al Watson and Lia Weber, won TLC's The Next Great Baker reality competition last night. 

"It was a crazy ride, but we're so excited that we pulled through and won," Weber said this morning on The Big 550 KTRS McGraw Milhaven Show. 

Watson, manager and cake decorator at Wedding Wonderland Cakeshop in Florissant, and Weber, wedding cake decorator at Wedding Wonderland and a pastry chef at Hendel’s Market Café in Old Town Florissant, were the only team competing from the Midwest. Next Great Baker is hosted by Buddy Valastro, star of TLC’s Cake Boss reality series. 10 teams competed in season 4.

The grand prize: $100,000, the title of The Next Great Baker and the opportunity to run Valastro's Las Vegas bakery. Weber says they've yet to talk with Valastro about the details of the job, as the network wouldn't reveal the winners to him until the finale aired. 

Hundreds turned out for a watch party at Hendel's last night, and Weber took to a stage just before the finale started on a big screen. "I can't believe how many people are here," Weber, also the proprietor of Made. by Lia, told the crowd. "This has been a great experience."

Hendel’s Restaurant, 599 St. Denis St., Florissant, 314.837.2304,

Wedding Wonderland, 449 Dunn Rd, Florissant, 314.837.5015,


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