The DeMun neighborhood in Clayton, Missouri, has long been a dining and drinking destination, but the small, tree-lined strip – located just across the street from the quaint Concordia Seminary Park – has recently seen a bit of a revitalization. Established standbys for coffee and wine are now joined by restaurants serving vegan fare, tapas and some of the city’s best Italian food, all in a charming and welcoming environment.

 Dave Bailey, owner, Baileys' Restaurants: “It’s tough to choose between Sasha’s Wine Bar and Louie, so I won’t. I met my wife at Sasha’s 16 years ago, and I can still picture the first time I saw her there. Louie, the new kid on the block, feels like it’s been there forever. It’s spilling over with neighborhood regulars and industry folks alike, all there to share in the new high watermark that owner Matt McGuire has set for quality and hospitality in St. Louis.”