Steve's Hot Dogs Club

The Club-sandwich style hot dog comes with bacon, avocado, tomato and ranch.

There are few foods that are as thoroughly American as the hot dog, so it's no surprise that it has its own national holiday every July 22. If you're looking to celebrate the occasion in St. Louis today, no one does hot dogs quite like Steve's Hot Dogs

Owner Steve Ewing starts all of his hot dogs with a quality base. The signature hot dog at Steve's is smoked, but some are grilled or boiled; there is even a vegetarian option. But it's the toppings that have made Steve's so popular. Yes, you can go simple with the Madeline Dog, a plain Nathan's hot dog with ketchup, mustard and relish, or enjoy a classic Chicago or chili dog, but you'd be remiss to not think outside of the box.

The Gorilla Mac & Cheese Dog, for instance, is topped with mac 'n' cheese, bacon and fried onions, and the Backyard BBQ dog is smothered in baked beans, potato salad, onions and BBQ sauce. 

If you're not in the mood for a dog, you can also opt for a burger or mac 'n' cheese bowls with toppings that are just as creative. 

Steve's Hot Dogs is offering its menu for carryout, delivery and patio dining. 

Steve's Hot Dogs, 3457 Magnolia Ave., Tower Grove East, St. Louis, Missouri, 314.932.5953,