DD Mau Vermicelli Bowl

The vermicelli bowl at DD Mau is served with vermicelli noodles, topped with your choice of protein and garnished with fresh veggies.

A truly balanced meal requires several ingredients, including a lean protein, vegetables and whole grains. DD Mau in Maryland Heights, Missouri, makes it especially easy – and tasty – to sneak all the food groups into your lunch or dinner.

The fast-casual Vietnamese restaurant invites diners to choose one of five proteins to add to a range of dishes, including pho, fried rice, rice bowls, salad bowls and bao sliders. But for today's takeout, we recommend picking up one of DD Mau's nutritious and delicious vermicelli bowls. 

The vermicelli bowl starts with – you guessed it – vermicelli, a thin rice noodle. Topped with your choice of protein such as steak, chicken, pork, shrimp or tofu, the bowl is then piled high with cucumber, cabbage, cilantro, scallions, fried onion, a pickled vegetable medley and peanuts. Everything is served with your choice of sauce – sweet chile, peanut, hoisin and the signature DD Dressing are just a few of the options. Served with an eggroll for something crispy on the side, this dish checks all the boxes.

DD Mau is offering its menu for carryout, curbside pickup and delivery. 

DD Mau Vietnamese Eatery, 11982 Dorsett Road, Maryland Heights, Missouri, 314.942.2300, ddmaustl.com