Blk Mkt Eats Krilla Krunch Roll

Krilla Krunch burrito-sized sushi roll with shrimp tempura, unagi slaw, Persian cucumbers, avocado, carrots, masago, tempura crunch and unagi sauce.

While you can never go wrong with a poke bowl from Blk Mkt Eats, the restaurant's sushi burritos are a fan favorite. These giant sushi rolls not only satisfy comfort food cravings for burritos, but they leave you feeling less weighed down because of the fresh ingredients packed inside. Plus, a chill burrito on a hot summer day is the perfect refreshing lunch or dinner. If you're looking for takeout in St. Louis today, we recommend one of the sushi burritos from Blk Mkt Eats. 

Both sushi-lovers and fish-haters can find a sushi burrito to love on the Blk Mkt Eats menu. For those who are excited at the idea of a giant roll, go for something like the OG Fire Tuna (spicy Ahi tuna, avocado, Persian cucumbers, masago, crispy shallots, tempura crunch, sesame seeds, fresh jalapeños and the OG fire sauce) or the OG Fresh Salmon (spicy salmon, avocado, Persian cucumber, pickled daikon, arugula, cilantro, jalapenos, sesame seeds and OG Fire sauce). If you aren't one for raw fish but still like seafood, try the Krilla Krunch, loaded with shrimp tempura, unagi slaw, Persian cucumbers, avocado, carrots, tempura crunch, masago and unagi sauce. 

Despise any foods that come from the sea? Blk Mkt Eats also has you covered with the Tasty as Cluck (southern fried chicken, kimchi slaw, arugula, pickles, crispy shallots and OG fire sauce) and their vegetarian options, the Holy Shiitake (braised shiitake mushrooms, sesame kale slaw, Persian cucumbers, avocado, pickled daikon, crispy shallots and unagi sauce).

Blk Mkt Eats is offering its menu for carryout, including contactless pickup if you order online

Blk Mkt Eats, 9 S. Vandeventer Ave., Midtown, St. Louis, Missouri, 314.304.8420,