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Find Your Farmer connects consumers to local farmers. 

A new company is bringing assorted local produce right to St. Louisans' doorsteps. 

Find Your Farmer, which launched Aug. 26, is a new online marketplace that allows customers to hand-select produce from farmers in the St. Louis area. The company partners with a local distributor of farms such as Doublestar Farms, Stuckmeyer Farms and Valley View Harvest to bring its patrons the freshest produce possible. 

The leadership team of five were students at Washington University in St. Louis, most of them finishing off their senior year in quarantine, when the idea came about. Noah Offenkrantz, the company's CEO, has spent time working with both farms and nonprofits and wanted a website where you could shop from multiple local farmers at once. From that, Find Your Farmer was born. The website allows customers to shop from multiple local sources and have their goods delivered in one, neat package while also benefiting local agriculture. 

"It's also just supporting local farmers, helping out your specific community and the local economy," says Ben Green, Find Your Farmer's CFO. 

Especially amid COVID-19, the team found that many local farmers had lost means of distribution through restaurants that have closed their doors or greatly reduced their output while at the same time, some consumers are also hesitant to make frequent trips to the grocery store.

The company's tagline is inspired by their workflow: Harvested today, delivered tomorrow. Find Your Farmer's online shop is open Wednesday through Monday, and on Monday, the store closes and all orders are inputted. Different produce is available during any given week, depending on what farmers are growing. On Tuesday, farmers harvest the produce ordered, and by Wednesday morning, the produce is delivered to the team's commercial kitchen space at Urban Eats. There, orders are aggregated and then delivered to customers on Wednesday in sustainable packaging by Find Your Farmer staff. 

In the short term, Find Your Farmer hopes to help support local farmers and bring sustainable produce to its customers, but if the business model works in St. Louis, the team would like to see the company spread to markets outside of the city. 

"We would love to expand in some other cities and other areas where there's a lot of people who really sympathize with our goal of making a stronger community and trying to help support the farmers," Green says. 

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