Crescendo butter chicken

Butter chicken tacos from Crescendo

The St. Louis area has a new food truck. 

Crescendo, which debuted July 4 in Fenton, Missouri, is a new food truck concept that focuses on serving fresh, locally sourced food. Because of that, chef-owner Johnty McCoy says the menu will vary from week to week. 

McCoy has been cooking since he was 14, where he participated in a culinary program at his juvenile detention center. When he got out at the age of 16, he started working in kitchens. Since then, he has spent most of his life working in kitchens. After four years out of the industry, COVID-19 led him to pursue something he's wanted for a long time: his own food truck. 

While the menu is always subject to change, McCoy says his current cooking obsession is Indian food, although he is trained in several different international cuisines. You can expect his spins on favorite dishes, like butter chicken tacos, to be staples on his menus for the time being. 

As for the truck itself, it isn't the typical kitchen on wheels you might see rolling around town. The Crescendo truck is more comparable to a pull-behind hot dog cart with a canopy as a roof. It still includes all of the fix-ins needed for McCoy to cook his dishes, but in more of an open-air fashion.

McCoy is currently working to reach out to neighborhood associates and other food truck-friendly events to get on the typical food truck circuit, but in the meantime, you will be able to find Crescendo in the BP parking lot in Fenton.