The Hill recently welcomed a new pizzeria. Pizzeria da Gloria opened on Nov. 25 with an introductory menu of eight signature wood-fired pizzas available for curbside pickup and delivery via online ordering.

For passionate pizzaiolo Joe Kurowski, Pizzeria da Gloria is the culmination of culinary studies abroad in Italy and time spent honing the craft in New York pizza kitchens.

“I’ve always loved making pizza,” says Kurowski, who named the concept after his late grandmother. “But this one family trip to Italy, we cooked in a big old wood-fired oven and that was a transformative experience.”

He went on to attend a pizza masterclass in Rome with pizzaiolo Gabriele Bonci. Inspired by what he learned, Kurowski then moved to New York City for an apprenticeship at Fornino in Brooklyn. Subsequent gigs in the pizza-making world included stints at Pizzeria dal Presidente in Naples, Marta in Manhattan and Speedy Romeo in Bed-Stuy, to name a few.

With Pizzeria da Gloria’s introductory menu, Kurowski offers his personal take on what he’s learned and developed over the years. Unique offerings include the Bonci, which features roasted eggplant sliced thin on a mandoline, finished with garlic chile oil and parsley.

“I like to say it’s American pizza as far as ingredients go but made with Italian sensibilities,” Kurowski says.

For his long fermented, naturally leavened dough, Kurowski uses malted artisan spring wheat flour from Central Milling out of Utah. The pizzas are baked in a Pavesi oven from Modena, Italy. The single-stone floor oven is heated to around 700 to 750°F.

At Pizzeria da Gloria, mozzarella is stretched daily from curd and used on offerings such as a mushroom pizza with white wine-lemon cream sauce, roasted cremini and oyster mushrooms, parsley and Parmesan. 

Another highlight from the menu features housemade stracciatella cheese (or burrata filling) and tomato sauce made from California tomatoes and garlic confit.

Pizzeria da Gloria is open Wednesday through Thursday from 4 to 8pm, Friday through Saturday from 11am to 8pm and Sunday from noon to 6pm.

Pizzeria da Gloria, 2024 Marconi Ave., The Hill, St. Louis, Missouri, 314.833.3734,