Indo Nick Bognar

Indo chef-owner Nick Bognar

Get ready to trade Isaan hamachi for fried chicken wings. 

Starting Aug. 21, Indo, the acclaimed St. Louis restaurant from chef Nick Bognar, is getting a new menu. For the time being, Indo will be known as Indo Streetfood,offering more casual dishes inspired by Thai street food as opposed to the restaurant's typically upscale sushi and Thai program. 

Bognar says that Indo has been offering its curbside menu for some weeks now, including favorites like khao soi and assorted sashimi dishes, but that it felt like time to refresh the menu. Plus, with most food being served to-go, many people are looking for options at a cheaper price point than what Indo tends to offer.

"We thought, 'Okay, what's food that holds up to-go, but also kind of has our identity on top of it?" he says. "So we immediately thought that street food would be a good play on that." 

The menu is inspired by the kinds of dishes that Bognar would eat on trips to Thailand, as well as foods that he or his staff would eat for their nightly family meal. Expect to see a papaya salad with candied, dried shrimp; satay; gai tod fried chicken wings; housemade Thai sausage and a rotating take on a poke bowl that will feature some of the seafood that has made Indo so popular. 

Bognar was already considering opening a second, more casual counterpart to Indo, so the transition has given him the chance to experiment and make fun food that he's had on his mind for some time now. 

"This is a great time for us to get creative, think about what that concept would be, see what those dishes would be," Bognar says. "Honestly, it's fun. I love this food. I'm excited."  

This weekend, the menu will be offered exclusively for curbside pickup with extended hours of noon to 8pm on Saturday and Sunday, but by next weekend, you'll be able to enjoy your food fresh from the kitchen on Indo's patio. There will not be table service, but an expansion into a parking lot will allow for nearly as much seating at Indo's dining room typically would. 

"It'll be a little more like normal restaurant kinda style," he says. 

For those who are mourning the soon-to-be former curbside menu, you still have until Thursday to get your fill. 

Indo, 1641 Tower Grove Ave., Botanical Heights, St. Louis, Missouri,