Companion French Dip

Companion serves a popular French dip of hot roast beef on a crusty Parisien bread dressed with horseradish white Cheddar and served with a side of au jus.

First and foremost, St. Louis' beloved Companion is a bread bakery. The company churns out all sorts of breads for its own cafés, but also helps to build and supply the bread programs of restaurants across the metro. So it's no surprise that when you head to Companion's Ladue café, you will find tons of sandwiches served on freshly baked, preservative-free bread.

If you're looking for a sandwich that is packed with flavor, go for the French dip. While you can choose to have your sandwich served with any of the bakery's breads – Parisien, Miller’s five grain, brioche, ciabatta, Pugliese, sourdough, rye or Bavarian pretzel – this sandwich shines best on the crusty Parisien. The bread is then topped with hot roast beef and horseradish Cheddar, toasted and served with au jus for dipping. 

If beef isn't your go-to deli meat, the café also offers sandwiches ranging from chicken to turkey and fish to ham, as well as plenty of vegetarian options.

Companion is offering its menu for in-store pickup and delivery.

Companion, 9781 Clayton Road, Ladue, 314.218.2280,