Molly-O’s Sno Cones and Chili, a walk-up “chili shack” operated from a kiosk in New Town St. Charles, has a menu that shifts with the seasons. During the spring and summer (beginning in March), Molly O’s offers over 40 different snow cone flavors. As temperatures drop, customers can order a delicious assortment of housemade chili and soups from Molly-O’s. Catering of chili, soups and snow cones is offered year-round for events and private parties.

Molly Schad launched Molly-O’s in 2010, hoping for “kids of all ages to enjoy the snow cones.” Schad wants customers to approach Molly-O’s as an experience rather than as a quick drop-in. “We want customers to sit outside, run around the amphitheater, spend time with family and enjoy a treat,” she says. Molly O’s has been so popular that Schad’s goal is to open up a second, year-round location in 2021 at the POWERPlex STL.

On the first Monday of every month during the winter, Molly takes orders for her hearty chili and soups. The orders are sold in bulk by the half gallon ($20) or gallon ($40). Customers usually heat what they need and freeze the rest throughout the month. 

Customers bring Crockpots and Tupperware to fill with Schad’s special recipe sweet red chili, sweet potato and turkey chili, vegetarian chili or the crowd favorite: white chicken chili. If there is still room in the fridge after, customers can also choose from delicious soups like tomato bisque, loaded baked potato, chicken pot pie or cheeseburger soup. The most popular option, however, is the rich, cheesy lasagna soup.

As summer approaches, Schad offers snow cones and other specials to pair with New Town St Charles’ summer events like concerts and movie nights. “We’re based in a great community, with lots of activities going on in the summer,” she says. Popular orders include the Sunrise (orange, cherry and lemon) and the Georgia Peach (strawberry and peach) snow cones. Schad also offers toppings like vanilla, banana and coconut cream. Snow cone prices run $3.50 for a small cone, $4 for a medium and $4.50 for a large.

On Sundays, customers can top their cones with whipped cream filled with fresh fruit. Surprise specials might include apple nachos (apple slices topped with marshmallows, chocolate shavings and caramel drizzle) or watermelon bowls (snow cones served in half of a hollowed-out watermelon for an extra punch of flavor).

Schad’s favorite story from operating Molly O’s is the pay-it-forward tradition that one of her friends started several years ago. “Every year, he drops off a wad of cash to pay for several snow cone orders,” she says. “It’s contagious – other people start paying for future customers. It’s so cool to see the 16- and 17-year-old employees learning how to pay it forward and give back to the community,” Schad says.

In talking with Schad, the word “fun” keeps resurfacing. It’s a great word to describe the atmosphere of Molly-O’s, and it’s a word that captures what Molly-O’s is all about – soaking up the experience of a sweet, icy treat or a bowl of chili with friends and family.

In the spring, Molly-O's is open Monday through Friday from 4 to 9pm and Saturday and Sunday from 2 to 9pm. During the summer, Molly-O's is open daily from 2 to 10pm. Winter orders are placed once a month.

Molly-O’s Sno Cones and Chili, 3303-3 Rue Royale, St. Charles, Missouri, 636.484.4326,

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