Schlafly Pink Boots beer

The Bearcat Belgian Strong Ale is brewed with hibiscus for a pink hue and floral taste. 

Schlafly Beer and the St. Louis chapter of the Pink Boots Society have teamed up on a new beer that will benefit women throughout the city.

The brewery, which has three locations in the St. Louis area, announced today that Bearcat Belgian, brewed entirely by women, is now available at all of its brewpubs. The 7 percent ABV strong ale has a malty backbone with floral notes and a pink hue from the addition of hibiscus flowers. The name even comes from a 1920s terms that was used to describe a free-spirited and feisty woman. 

A portion of the beer's profits will go to Rung for Women, a St. Louis organization that helps women achieve success in both their personal and professional lives. 

“I think Bearcat [is] a badge of honor to all the women who find themselves pursuing a passion like brewing, education or nonprofit work, while at the same time balancing the myriad spinning plates that involves family life, social standards or any other life-related component,” said Amanda Mikolay, Schlafly beer lab specialist and Pink Boots Society member.

Not only was the beer brewed by all women, but the label was also designed by a woman: Schlafly's packaging designer, Sarah Frost. The label was inspired by the décor and design of the 1920s. 

You can now pick up Bearcat Belgian in four-packs of 16-ounce cans from all three Schlafly locations, while supplies last. 

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