From-scratch, old-school baking is an art form – one that SweetArt in St. Louis’ Shaw neighborhood has mastered through time, commitment and passion. Its colorful cupcakes and thick, fudgy brownies are just some of the sweets that will make your mouth water.

The ever-changing selection includes both traditional and vegan baked goods, and over the years, owner Reine Bayoc – along with her tight-knit staff – has also developed a small, rotating, entirely vegan (except for the option of dairy cheese on some items) breakfast and lunch menu.

Although some dishes come and go, the Sweet Burger is an unwavering favorite. The plant-based burger patty is made with vegetables and lentils and considered one of the best veggie burgers in the region.

SweetArt, 2203 S. 39th St., Shaw, St. Louis, Missouri,